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They say Imagination is Limitless. Why shouldn't it be? Its as agile as reaching the Moon quicker than a spaceship! Its as beautiful as speaking to a tree. Its as gentle as befriending a Flower! So what are you waiting for? With all your hale and hearty senses "Imagine" every moment you live to be supreme! For we just have one life. Lets be a frenzied butterfly in this nursery of The Universe.

Hope this yard nutures your creativity!




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Sometimes words speak louder than actions- My blog (WoW - Words of While). Watch out for the some of the amazing videos, music and fun right here!

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Click on the Apples to experience AWESOMENESS!

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Words of While (WoW - My Microblog)





Just Like That! ;)

Vice or virtue... kick the dirt out before dirt hits you,
Watch your back while you walk,
More beasts on the streets now than you find in any zoo.
Storms predictions, felony convictions, don't scare me no more, than "POLY Confessions"!
Walking like a Zombie with caffeine on my brains,
High on Oxytocin these days,
I feel less blood than sweat in my F*** veins!
Watching people as they walk by, some look away while some look right in the face,
Never fallin short of smiles, I look through their eyes.
The glance of 3 seconds, tells wat's on their mind,
Some think about due assignments while some looking deep past behind!
Not much into worldly affairs, I always got a deal with self,
Getting late for a meeting, I even get late with myself.
You might say I am always in a hurry, Hopping like a crazy bunny
Got V12 on my ass, giving complex to a Ferrari! :P
Just taking a moment, digging what's around me;
One thing I've known, therez a thin line between dreams and reality.
But no putting breaks to your dreams if you are a dreamer,
Reality's like an ice floor, you fall and you are hurt,
so you gotta be a Pro-Skater!
I need to rush now, got a night class,
Catch you at the school, surfing on my skateboard, 
Dont wait for me at the main-gate,
these days I am using the backdoor! :P ;)
~Swapnil Thakur

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